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CLEANMAG technology was invented in the former TEI of Piraeus (today University of Western Attica) in 1997, by Dr. George Nicolaides, who also patented it in both Greece and abroad. The technology, which has been the result of years of research, has been awarded several times by organizations such as OBI (greek patent office), the Empieirikion Foundation and managed to win the 2nd prize from the Seatrade Dubai Maritime Awards and the IMO. It is worth mentioning that CleanMag is the most environmentally friendly one, as it is not toxic to it, and it is an optimal way of protecting the environment; taking birthing comments and publications from domestic and international media such as the BBC, MEGA  channel and others.


The technology’s certification was funded by the European Union through the LIFE program (LIFE99 ENV / GR / 000567 program with the PUAS). The results were excellent, as is apparent from the letter from the then LIFE Director. Since the publication of the Commission for the LIFE project, Cleanmag technology has been one of the 50 best projects over the 12-year period across the EU (LIFE-Environment 1992-2004 “Demonstrating excellence in environmental innovation”), while in a later version of the same report, CLEANMAG stands as a “Good Practice” for optimal response to marine pollution.


The awards do not stop there, as with the founding of the spin-off company, technology is awarded by the Ministry of Education, in the framework of Academic Excellence in Innovation.

At the same time, Dr. Nikolaidis was invited to the oil spill of Mexico Gulf, where he assesses the situation, while the certification / licensing of technology in the US are issued by the EPA.


Today, after the formal acceptance of CleanMag from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the government’s visit to Greece, the results of the research find practical application in the DRC, with the full support of its government, radically addressing the problem of water pollution from oil spills in parts of the country.

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